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A sexy, fun-loving Branding Guru who typically loves the players. A former New York Volts basketball star turned sports agent known as The Negotiator. A client who still is head over heels for his ex.

Meg Grail usually goes for the guys she knows she can just have fun with…It’s easier than dealing with her past. Then she meets Collin Corwin, who is in the middle of negotiating major endorsement deals for two of his clients, Keri James and Sam Quinto. There is an undeniable attraction between Meg and Collin. The only problem; Collin has a rule that he won’t date his client’s exes and his client Keri is still head over heels for Meg.

Meg won’t take no for an answer and convinces Collin that they can be together and keep it a secret. The hot sexual affair develops into way more than just sex, and their secret, and both their pasts almost destroy them.

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