A world-famous singer who sells out concerts and has dangerous stalkers. A wealthy, successful businessman who has a secret personal life at night.

When singer Sophie Cradle meets Phil Laurent, she isn’t expecting to develop feelings for him. In fact, Sophie hasn’t allowed herself to fall for anyone since she was eighteen.

Phil’s attraction for Sophie is undeniable, but he isn’t looking to stop his personal private life anytime soon. While he thinks his friends all see him as responsible and boring, he spends his free time frequenting secret underground clubs and high-end parties. As Phil and Sophie begin to cross paths unexpectedly, one-night encounters start to add up.

When one of Sophie’s stalkers starts to send her death threats, Phil jumps in to help protect her. As their relationship grows, both Sophie and Phil have to face past demons and decide if it’s worth the gamble to leave their old life behind and forge a new one together.

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