Wrapped in Perfection


Dmitri Ivanov is determined to repair every broken piece of me…

My battered body healed. My heart hasn’t. Everything my ex convinced me to hate about myself, Dmitri turns upside down.
From day one, he requires my commitment to him—including my full trust.
In return, he claims he’s giving his to me.
But the element of danger Dmitri gives off, isn’t just in my head. He’s involved in things. His past isn’t buried so deep it never re-appears. And the thing he hates most about himself, I should run from.
It only binds me closer to him. And the person I’m changing into won’t let him discard me—even if he says it’s for my own good.

”Wrapped In Perfection” is the sixth installment of the “It’s Complicated” series. It is a billionaire love story with a mafia twist and has a HEA. Trigger Warning: This book may trigger survivors of domestic violence.

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