Web of Betrayal


Most women can’t handle my filthy, bossy mouth under the sheets…

So when I agree to take in the woman who was rescued with my sister, I fight my demons.

Every moment I spend with Lena, the craving for her grows.
But she was declared by the Twisted Hearts and forced to marry a monster. The last thing she needs is another man telling her what to do.

The FBI hired my ex-girlfriend to give her intensive therapy. Kate’s helped hundreds of women declared by the gang and wants me back.
Therapy requires Kate to live with us.
And Lena insists Kate knows things she shouldn’t and believes she’s a Twisted Heart. I can’t contemplate it.
But betrayal is sneaky.

“Web of Betrayal” is the fourth installment of the “Together We Stand” series. It’s an epic journey of one family’s struggle of forgiveness, hope, and new beginnings amidst dangerous situations. Each story intertwines and focuses on a new sibling trying to find their Happily Ever After.

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