More Than Paper


Fifteen years ago, I was young and dumb.
I married Valeria to save her from being deported and having to marry one of her father’s men.
She’s a lesbian, we’re only friends, and it was supposed to be for only a few years.
But I didn’t know her father was the most ruthless man in Colombia. Marriage is something he takes seriously. Divorce is not an option.

Valeria and I are good friends but both live our own lives.
And since I’ve never been in love, it hasn’t been a big deal.
But then I meet Quinn and everything changes.
Our chemistry is off the charts. We click right away. All I want to do is take care of her.

She surprises me in New York and finds out I’m married.
I was going to tell her, but I didn’t tell her soon enough.
For me, nothing has changed. Our love is more than paper.
But Quinn sees it differently. Family baggage, guilt, and that piece of paper stand in our way of happiness.

I’ll tell her I will give her everything.
My billions. My commitment. My heart.
But she wants that piece of paper.
And Valeria and I are tired of hiding from her father.
There’s only one option. I’ll either die in Colombia gaining our freedom, or come home and finally be able to give Quinn what she wants.

(More than Paper is the fourth installment of the It’s Complicated series. At approximately 66,000 words it is a forbidden love, love at first sight, billionaire romance with a HEA.)

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