Masks of Devotion


Kade Coral was my brother’s best friend and always in my life. Until he wasn’t.

We flirted for years and finally confessed our love.
Six hours after I woke up in his arms, he moved.

Three years have passed and not one word from him.
And nothing recreates the zing I had with Kade.
That includes party boy Fisher Corbyn who wants to get serious.

Kade arrives, swearing he never stopped loving me but full of secrets and lies he claims are for my protection.
My brain says Fisher’s safe. Kade’s dangerous for my heart.
Then Fisher shows his true colors. And he’s determined to have me.
Kade attempts to rescue me but it’ll involve masks of devotion for us to both come out alive.

“Masks of Devotion” is the fifth installment of the “Together We Stand” series. It’s an epic journey of one family’s struggle of forgiveness, hope, and new beginnings amidst dangerous situations. Each story intertwines and focuses on a new sibling trying to find their Happily Ever After.”

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