Mafia Wars Limited Time Collector’s Box (Read Disclaimer!)


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What do you get:

– Books 1-5 of Mafia Wars (Ivanov Family)

– Mafia Wars Ivanov Family Merchandise

– Mafia Wars Ivanov Family Swag

– Mafia Wars Ivanov Family Keepsake Collector’s Box

Pre-order goes until August 31st or 200 boxes are reached. Shipping will take place in October. This is NOT something I will carry in stock. Get it now or miss out! USA only!

I have VERY LITTLE profit on these boxes. I take pride and buy high quality items and put more in my boxes than just a few cheapies.

Payment Options:

The box is $149.99 and shipping is $24.99. Total with shipping is $174.99.

Option 1

Pay in full and be done ($174.98). Please click add to cart above.

Payment Plan Disclaimer: 

Anyone on a payment plan who does not complete their payments will have a 30% restocking fee chargeback. This means you get only 70% of what you have paid. This is due to the fees my credit card merchant charges me to reimburse as well as the fees I pay when you make a payment. I also am ordering items for these boxes and do not have the room to keep extra boxes on hand. If your credit card is declined on the day of the payment you will be notified to add to a different card. Please make sure you have room on your card before the next payment takes place. It’s not fun for me to have to follow up and chase money. If this is something that becomes a hassle I won’t offer it again, but would like to be able to have these options available. Please do not be the person who spoils it for everyone else!

Shipping Disclaimer:

Also, please note that now that I did my first box I understand what I need for the outside shipping box. I will do my best to ship all orders on the same day for this box, instead of having to ship some and wait for more USPS shipping supplies. I’ll be prepared!!!!

Countries Available:

USA only. Sorry for all my other readers but as of now I don’t have an economical way to send these.

See what the collector box looks like by watching the video! There’s a song so turn the volume on or off depending where you are!