Illicit Captor


He kidnapped me to avenge my husband.

The husband I’ve never loved.

The cruel man my father forced me to marry to teach me a lesson.

My husband didn’t think twice about how to carry out those lessons.

Now, I’ve gone from one prison to another.

My captor is just as ruthless as my husband. He’ll kill, torture, and do everything to hurt my family until no one is left.

Except for me.

Aidan’s made it clear he’s keeping me as his trophy.

And the more I understand his twisted thoughts, and crave his heated gaze, the deeper I drown in our world.

It’s where everything that shouldn’t happen does—the place that defies all laws and rules—the one where guilt reigns and you still can’t help but want what you shouldn’t.

Illicit Captor is book two of Mafia Wars Ireland. It’s a kidnapping romance, forbidden love, enemies to lovers, forced proximity, age gap, dark mafia romance. For mature audiences only. See inside book for trigger warnings.

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