One wild night and failed birth control gifted me with an accidental pregnancy.

I’m not telling the father.
Luca’s mesmerizing and charming, but he isn’t just a lot older than me.
After our hot night, I found out he’s my family’s enemy.
It leaves me no no choice but to keep him in the dark.
If his family found out my baby’s freedom would be at risk.
My family would disown me.
So I disappear for years, leaving him with no trace of where I am.
Except fate isn’t my friend when a chance encounter brings him into my life again.
Age has only made him more irresistible.
Still, I know he’s wrong for me—for my daughter.

But his wicked ways are too hard to resist…

(FLAWED is book five, and the final installment in Mafia Wars New York. It’s an accidental pregnancy, secret baby, forbidden love, age gap, Dark Mafia romance, interconnecting stand-alone, and guaranteed to have an HEA.)

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