Don’t Forget Me


Dr. Xander Kane
I don’t remember the last 12 years.
I don’t remember becoming a surgeon.
I don’t remember the day of the accident or the girl named Charlotte that was in the car with me.

All I remember is the girl I loved named Billie.
My friends all tell me we broke up and haven’t been together in over ten years.
But all I remember is how I feel and the memories of her.
So I search everywhere for her, only she’s nowhere to be found.

Then I go to sleep. Every night, I dream, but not about Billie.
I dream about a faceless woman. I hear her voice call out Xander. I can feel and taste her. I smell the scent of flowers after the rain.
I convince myself I must be going crazy because that means I wasn’t loyal to Billie.

Slowly, my memory of the last twelve years comes back about everything except Billie.
But then I’m in surgery. As soon as I’m introduced, I know it’s the girl named Charlotte that was in the car accident with me. She’s the one who haunts my dreams.
And it’s clear that I’ve hurt her. But then I continue to do so.

When I finally know in my heart that Charlotte is who I love, trust has been broken.
Forgiveness is required.
I can only hope I didn’t let my past destroy my future.

(Don’t Forget Me is the second installment of the It’s Complicated series. It’s an amnesia, medical romance, billionaire romance with a HEA.)

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