Committed to You


Chase Monroe is my quicksand.
I need to figure out how to pull myself out of his hold over me.
Several times I escaped him. Or so I thought. He always comes back, piercing me deeper.

He’s the cocky, good-looking, no-relationship guy.
Eight years ago he walked in on his fiancé in bed with his best friend. So now he has a strict policy that he thinks is harmless.
He doesn’t cheat. His women all agree to the rules.
His calendar is full of his “friends” and he wants me to be one too.
But I refuse to be just a number.

He thinks he just has to show me how good we can be together.
And when I draw the line in the sand, he makes his choice.
We were on our way there, too. Our chance at happiness is in sight, but then his “harmless” past comes back to haunt us with deadly intent.

(Committed to You is the third installment of the It’s Complicated series. It is a friends to lovers, billionaire romance with a HEA.)

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