Acts of Manipulation


Falling in love wasn’t easy. But I did it and found my happiness. Then I was declared. Kidnapped. Ripped away from my family and man.

Sid says it’s my choice. Love him or choose not to.
But the consequences of not picking him will kill my family and Javier.

Sid is a monster. But not to me.
He tells me he loves me and will die for me. I don’t doubt him.

But all I want is Javier to come rescue me before I have to do the unforgivable.
I’m running out of time.

“Acts of Manipulation” is the third installment of the “Together We Stand” series. It’s an epic journey of one family’s struggle of forgiveness, hope, and new beginnings amidst dangerous situations. Each story intertwines and focuses on a new sibling trying to find their Happily Ever After. Trigger Warning: This books contains acts of sexual manipulation and may be triggering to survivors.

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